Customer Engagement Raveolution 2014

Key Takeaways

To start your own Raveolution, follow these simple steps:

Embrace your Ranters and amplify your Ravers

Create fans not customers

Make sure you bring your CFO along on the journey

Triumph through adversity

Use the words of your customers to influence everything

Challenge the status quo

The Speakers Have Spoken

Dennis Fois

Maria McCann
Founder & Chief Venturer

Andrew Gallagher
Senior Marketing Director

Andrew Richards
Director of Regional Retail Banking

Thomas Rebel
Customer Director

Justin Haines
Customer Services Director

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Raving Feedback From The Day

Very good day, content was great and the venue was fabulous


@RantandRaveUK Best event I have been to. Very engaging and entertaining yet still informative #CER14


I'm certainly Raving! Fantastic location, great mixture of speakers. Real energy throughout the day!

Thames Water

Had a great time at the event, the presentations were very real, genuine & relevant.


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